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Track Dates

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2005 DARF Track Dates
Check back often for changes or additional dates.
Always check with track representatives before making plans to attend any event.

Date      Race Track            Amount off Grandstand  Admission with "valid"
                                                                                 DARF Membership Card

03          K.O.I.L.-Kentucky Speedway              Free
09          K.O.I.L.-Kentucky Speedway              Free
10          K.O.I.L.-Kentucky Speedway              Free
16          K.O.I.L.-Kentucky Speedway              Free
17          K.O.I.L.-Kentucky Speedway              Free
22          Kil-Kare Raceway                                  Free
23          K.O.I.L.-Kentucky Speedway              Free
30          Shady Bowl Speedway                         Free
07          Flat Rock Speedway                              Free
14          Columbus Speedway                             Free
14          Lawrenceburg Speedway                    Free
15          Salem Speedway                                   Free
20          Toledo Speedway                                  Free
29          Eldora Speedway                                 $5.00 Off
03          Gas City - I69 Speedway                      Free
12          Winchester Speedway          Buy 1/Get 1 Free
18          Mansfield Motorsports Speedway       Free
25          K.O.I.L.-Kentucky Speedway              Free
25          Eldora Speedway                                 $5.00 Off
01          Union Co. Speedway                             Free
02          K.O.I.L.-Kentucky Speedway              Free
03          K.O.I.L.-Kentucky Speedway              Free
23          K.O.I.L.-Kentucky Speedway              Free
29          Gas City -I69 Speedway                      1/2 Off
06          Lawrenceburg Speedway                   1/2 Off
06          K.O.I.L.-Kentucky Speedway               Free
27          K.O.I.L.-Kentucky Speedway               Free
02          Union Co. Speedway                             Free
03          Shady Bowl Speedway                         Free
03          K.O.I.L.-Kentucky Speedway              Free
04          K.O.I.L.-Kentucky Speedway              Free
24          Toledo Speedway                                 Free
24          K.O.I.L.-Kentucky Speedway              Free
24          K.O.I.L.-Kentucky Speedway              Free
The O.V.K.A. Ohio Valley Karting Association has been gracious to DARF in providing a 1 race free admission. You must first pay for your admission, then during intermission before the last race, take your ticket & valid DARF Membership Card to the timing tower & you will receive a full refund.